• Vantage Steel Works Sdn Bhd (VSW) was incorporated in 1996 by the founder of Kai Peng Berhad with a group of Key Management Personnel.
  • Vantage Steel Works Sdn Bhd (VSW) started to operate on a factory build by the parent company in Bukit Kemuning with a covered area of 8000 m2.
  • Kemuning Engineering Sdn Bhd (KE) was established with the objective to undertake export fabricated steel works order.
  • KE was permitted with Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse certificate (LMW) by Malaysian Royal Custom office.
  • Due to increased workload, the company expanded its working area and build additional building with covered area increased to 14,155 m2 at Bukit Kemuning.
  • VSW was certified by Bureau Veritas to ISO 9001:2008
  • Due to increased workload in dredger new building project, the company build and expanded a river front Plant and facility with covered building area 4000 m2 at Telok Panglima Garang with Jetty Permit granted by Port Klang Authority to permit dredger buildings, load out and rights of use of Kuala Langat River water ways for large fabricated components.
  • KE certified by Bureau Veritas to ISO 9001:2008
  • Build indoor shot blasting and painting chamber
  • Invested heavily in hardware and software and upgraded current fabrication & machining capabilities which include acquiring new CNC Table Type HBM machining facilities, CNC Vertical Turret Lathe, CNC HD Plasma cutting machine, CNC Beam Drilling and Sawing line machine, PV-Elite Design software, Tekla Structural BIM modelling software and ACAD 3D Inventor.

The company’s main fabrication activities are carried out in Bukit Kemuning workshop. It has now in total 30,660 m² of overhead coverage workshop area in Bukit Kemuning. In the year 2000, the Bukit Kemuning workshop was permitted the Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse Certificate (LMW) by Royal Malaysia Customs Authority, allowing the company to import all materials related to the production & services including customer’s materials, free from import duties and Good & Services Tax. This license is being granted to Kemuning Engineering Sdn Bhd (KE) which is currently selling export goods or project. KE is wholly owned subsidiary of Vantage Steel Works (VSW). [Click Here]

In year 2010, VSW completed its second workshop by the Kuala Langat River at Telok Panglima Garang. The Kuala Langat River is accessible to the two international deep water sea port of Malaysia i.e. North Port and West Port. The workshop was granted the private jetty license from the Port Klang Authority, for building dredgers and associated marine steel works modules as well as transporting large & heavy products by the river waterway. It has a 3,000 m² workshop area. [Click Here]

In year 2017, both VSW & KE are certified by Bureau Veritas for Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001: 2015. Our first QMS accreditation started in 2008 which constantly assure all our clients that the companies’ quality assurance systems are always in compliance to international standards. [Click Here]

VSW and KE capable of taking large steelworks construction and has a combined fabrication (piping, structural steel and mechanical steelworks) capacity up to 12,000 tons annually.


  • ISHI Power Malaysia
  • Transwater API Malaysia
  • Dialog Malaysia
  • Terex Malaysia
  • JML Maintenance Malaysia
  • W2R Agglomeration Malaysia
  • MTM Malaysia
  • Metix Malaysia
  • IHI Corporation Japan
  • JGC Corporation Japan
  • Howden UK
  • Howden Denmark
  • Howden Taiwan
  • Terex USA
  • IHC Holland BV
  • Andritz Hydro
  • Vosta LMG
  • Hatch Ltd Canada
  • Arvos K.K. Japan


  • USA
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • Sudan
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • New Caledonia
  • Jordan
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Venezuela
  • China


Item Description Capacity (mm x mm) Quantity
1 Band Sawing m/c c/w infeed and out feed conveyors 1000 x 500 1
2 Band Sawing m/c c/w infeed and out feed conveyors 900 x 600 2
3 Band Sawing m/c c/w infeed and out feed conveyors 650 x 450 1
4 Band Sawing m/c c/w infeed and out feed conveyors 400 x 350 1
5 CNC Plate Oxy and Plasma Cutting machine @ 4 torches 3.5 m (width) x 18.0 m (length) 1
6 Spencer & Halstead Auto blasting m/c c/w infeed and out feed conveyors 3.0 m (width) x 1.0 m (height) 1
7 CNC Plate Drilling Machine 1500mm x 1000mm x 200mm (w x l x h) 1
8 Welding Sets 400 Amps /SAW/ FCAW 93
9 Plate Rolling Machines 25mm x 2.5m (width) 1
10 Plate Rolling Machines 32mm x 3.0m (width) 1
11 Profile Benders 125mm x 125mm (Solid Square Bar) 1
12 Vertical Plate Rolling Machines 80mm x 3.0m (width) 1
13 Gullotines 12mm x 3.0m (width) 2
14 Press Brakes 20mm x 3.0m (width) 2
15 Radial Drills Radius of Drill 1.5 m 2
16 Gantry Frame Type Welding Machine 2.0m x 2.0m Box 1
17 Plate Build up Beam Machine Assembling and Straightening c/w infeed and outfeed conveyors 3.0 m x 0.5 m x 25/50mm BH Beam 1
18 Overhead Cranes 5 ton ~ 40 ton 18
19 Gantry Type Overhead Cranes 10 ton 2
20 Mobile Type Truck Cranes 25 ton ~ 150 ton 6
21 Manual Blasting Chamber 12 ft (height) x 36ft (width) x 80 ft (length) 1
22 Manual Painting Chamber 12 ft (height) x 36ft (width) x 80 ft (length) 1
23 Iron Workers Type 210/20 3
24 Small Tools and Magnetic type Drilling Machine, Small grinders One Lot One Lot
25 Butler Elga milling Centers installed with Digital readout and working bench 1.2m (width) x 5.0m (length) x 1.0m (height) 1
26 Richard Vertical Borer 400 x 1100 Table Milling Machine 1
27 Vertical Lathe – Double Column with rotary turn table of 18 feet with loading capacity upto 50 metric ton 6.2m dia (max swing) x 3.2m max height after height extension 1
28 X steel Workstation Shop detailing license 1
29 Horizontal Floor borers with facing and spindle head complete retrofitted with digital readout 23 feet x-axis travel x 9 feet y axis travel x 3 feet z-axis travel . floor plates 10feet x 22feet (width x length) 1
30 Horizontal Floor Borer 15m x- axis travel 3.5m y- axis travel 2.5m spindle travel Floor Plate 6m x 18m Rotary Table 2m x 2m x 360º deg Turning x 20 ton capacity 1
31 Gantry Type 5face CNC Vertical Machining Centre 4.20m x- axis travel 2.40m y- axis travel 1.00m z- axis Ram travel Twin Table 1.50m x 4.20m 1.50m x 3.00m Maximum table 10ton capacity Fanuc 15m NC Controller 1
32 Floating Dry Dock Length = 60.00m Beam = 23.00m Depth = 1.50m Height of Wing Tank = 6.50m Deck Load = 1000 ton 1
33 Hydraulic Power Press 3,900 ton capacity stroke 1,000mm 1
34 CNC Teach-In Lathe Machine Centre Distance: 5 meters Max. Swing over Bed: ø 900mm Max. Swing over Cross Slide: ø 600mm Spindle Bore: ø 104mm 1
35 CNC Turning Centers Model: SL-40 Chuck size: 381 mm Axis Z: 1110 mm Axis X: 431 mm 1
36 CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine Model: HyperCut-3100 Effective cutting width: 3,100mm Effective cutting length:18,000mm 1
37 Vertical Plate Rolling Machines 100mm x 3.0m (width) 1
38 CNC Column Moving Type Borer 5.50m x- axis travel 3.20m y- axis travel 2.00m z- axis travel Table size- 2500 x 2500 Maximum table 30ton capacity CNC Fanuc 31i Control 1
39 FICEP Beam Line Automatic CNC Drilling and Sawing Machine Model: 1224 DB I-beam Web Height: max 1220mm I-beam Flange Width: max 600mm All beams length: max 13000mm Vertical drill heads: 1 no Horizontal drill heads : 2 nos Marking unit & Sawing Unit 1